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Default Izzy And Cosette Outside

I took Izzy and Cosette outside today to play for awhile and they had a great time. It was pretty hot so we couldn't stay out long but here are some pictures.

Izzy looking funny.

Playing hard!

Izzy trying to find some shade to lay in. She gets hot much faster than Cosette.

I dipped her legs and back in the pool to cool her off and when wet she looks so skinny and little lol

And Cosette relaxing

And one of Miss Deedlit. I can't take her out in the yard since she runs away from me I have to take Trey with so he can catch her. The minute she gets loose out there she doesn't circle she runs like an arrow and will go in with the horses and everything

~*~Gypsy, Deedlit, Cosette, and Isabeau~*~

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