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Default will I get banned from the forum...

For posting YET more photo's of cheeky boy??? lol

Here are a few more (i'll take the risk)

First one is chico laying in his bed with his blanky I made

then here he is in the latest jumper I made , chenille one, the neck came out a bit big, but this is just a basic pattern, it'll keep him warm though

here he is sunnin himself

we went to the beach today, we werent the only fools there. here is a pic of the weather conditions. It was VERY windy

here is chico's first reaction to sand

and first reaction to sea

and last one cos i thought it was cute

sorry for posting so many piccies of him!

and here is a short clip, you can hear the wind. It isnt very exciting but it shows how chico enjoyed the beach and wanted me to run with him.

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