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I've been doing handling for a while now and my mum used to show/breed Chihuahuas and I'll be getting my own Chihuahua to show in a few months so I know a lot about the whole showing community.

One of my best friends won her first show with her Malamute and she didn't know anyone there. She won a big trophy and everything, it was great.

I think if you have a really well bred dog, if you are social and friendly, you'll easily fit in.

Just keep in mind though that the breeders LOVE to talk. I was talking to my puppy's breeder today and all she did was slam other breeders and say how hopeless they are. (A lot of the people she was talking about were, but she shouldn't be discussing it with everyone LOL) I was called "a stupid bitch" when I beat another breeder's daughter in junior handling. I was only 14!

But if you're serious about it, go for it. It's a lot of fun and if you mingle with the right people, it's a great place to make friends.

You should also contact freedomchis and sunshine45 (or 42? I don't remember, sorry!)