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Contact the BCC, you will find a lot are lovely people others are umm less desirable much like general society, show people range, so you're probably better off going along and speaking to some people and deciding for yourself who you would like a dog from. You will find that the reasons as to why they show also varies quite a bit.

I was involved within the show world when I was very young and did a lot of junior handling, some people are incredibly supportive and will always give you help and advice, others hate outsiders but everyone warms up when they realise you're serious about it and your persistent in it. As for why I don't show now as I've previously stated one I don't have the time to give to a show puppy, it wouldn't be fair to take on a dog that could go to someone who has more time to put into the ring side of things and two there are only certain people I would consider having a puppy from anyway

Oh yeah and I definitely agree with one of the names mentioned above, but the BCC should be able to give you a few pointers at least.

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