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You have posted pics of that boy before and he is just Awesome I soooo love his coat

Here in the states I have been told that the Chihuahua show world was one of the worst. I am not sure about the UK? I know they can be mean here and nasty when it comes to danes. You have to keep a thick skin and not believe everything they tell you There are some politics to it here as well but as said above if you have a nice dog then you shouldnt worry. Also it is not all about politics here as alot of new people can come in and win I have made alot of friends here in the ring that have been very helpful and informative, but some are real jerks

As for him being intact you could have some issues down the road if your girls are intact? I have seen intact males get terriotrial over a bitch in heat and attack the neutered males in the home. I think that you should be fine but just keep it in the back of your head that you may have to seperate sometimes when the girls are in heat (this ofcourse only if your females are intact?)

RIP Yoshi...You will be forever in my heart as you took most of it with you...

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