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I had no idea it would be the same in the US Michelle?

The other advice I forgot to say earlier pinkglitterybunny is be very careful what you buy.... some breeders palm off dogs to newbies saying they are great and will do well, but you can't even put them in the ring! Then you get looked down on for selling them on because they are no good to you, when the breeder has done exactly the same thing in selling that dog to you!The best advice I have been given by a breeder of one of mine was "nobody is your friend, they are all out for themselves" and I am afraid that is true from my experience so far. Also it seems that some breeders turn a blind eye to misdemeanors made by each other, but if a new person did it, oooh heads will roll! LOL. It is such a case of double standards....and sometimes it seems to be who is on the other end of the lead that counts with winning too

But if you enjoy it you will carry on doing what you love regardless, I hate the way it works but I wouldn't stop because of others, why should I, they are the ones with the problem I say! It just makes me more determind to carry on when they try to put you off and try to bring you down, if you give into that, you are giving them what they want! It is supposed to be fun and for the love of the DOGS. It is a shame that this gets disillusioned.

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