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Default how can people be so mean

Ok, so Sasha has been home with us now and I think she might have been abused as well as neglected. I got her from the shelter I volunteer at and they said when she came in she had fleas so bad her back side has no hair. She also had nails that were so long she could barely walk. I took her to the vet today (along with toby) and they said she was healthy she just needs to put on some weight. In the picture i posted you can't really see how skinny she is. she has to grow into her skin. Anyway, I lifted my hand above her today and she looked terrified like I was going to hit her. she actually jumped. It made me so mad and sad. She weighs 5 pounds, now how in the world could you abuse a five pound dog. she also cowards when i have to get on to toby like she was always getting yelled at. Toby so far is doing ok with her. he is a bit jealous, but he will just have to get used to it. I will post more pictures later. just had to get this off my chest.
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