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Originally Posted by rocky scotland View Post
Aww shes lovely, just gorgeous! Love her colourings. I want a black and white chi now as well!!
Thanks! Doesn't she know it, too! Black is and always will be my favourite pet colour (which I can prove one day, when I post pictures of the rest of my cats).

Originally Posted by catz4m8z View Post
OMG! One of my favouritest things a SH black and white chi! She has the most adorable expression..
Deer in the headlights look! I love it too! She always looks like she's very very confused about something. Poor girl. LOL

Originally Posted by ria View Post
Oh my how lovely is she. oooooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Originally Posted by SillySally View Post
Shes absolutely gorgeous! I love the little one in the pen too
I agree! The little one's named Diamond. Only 3lbs full grown (Betty is about 5lb). She's a handful that one, don't let her size fool you! She chased my cats all over the apartment and never let them near us. Awfully jealous little thing (secret fact: I was trying to get the SO to fall in love with both, but -I- was the one who decided not to keep her [and just babysit] b/c she just wouldn't leave the cats alone and it wasn't fair to them since they were here first).

Originally Posted by rhaubejoi View Post
OOOHHH! I love Betty! what a coincidence, that is my mom's name. I would call her betty-boop sometimes too! lol
she is a cute one!
I have a client at work named Betty too! She laughs everytime we see one another now, and keeps asking for pics of her name-sake. Her only nickname that invovle her name is "Bettybettybetty" (said high pitched and FAST). Other than that, monkey... wigglebutt... munchkin... pooper... you know, various things.

Originally Posted by Beadbimbo View Post
She is adorable!! I love her markings. I don't think I've seen too many b/w ones like her.
Neither have I! Well, not well bred ones anyhow. And her markings in particular, even in well bred dogs are rare (atleast to me). She is actually my only pet that isn't a rescue/mutt.
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