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Originally Posted by Dazy Mae View Post
She is on Wellness Puppy dry and canned which I have heard is supposed to be good?? The doctor said that if it were food allergy sometimes they have tummy trouble which she does not, but you just don't know. She has been on that food for about 2 months. When we adopted her 2 weeks ago her she had some noted hair loss around eyes already and seemed to squint her eyes. The vet even did a test to check for eye injuries, scratches, etc....
We will keep working on a solution to find out what it could be...She has already stopped her intense scratching since she got her meds. and shot this afternoon.
Wellness is definately a good food choice.

But to get to specifics, are they the grain free varieties? If not, it definatley could be a grain allergy. Your vet unfortunately is not correct in stating that all food allergies have to do with the tummy. Our old dog had an allergy to grain, and it only showed in his persistant ear infections! Once we switched to Wellness CORE & only fed the grainfree canned selections for Wellness (they will say on the can), his infections stopped.

It's little effort for a whole lot of gain switching to a grain-free variety, since you already feed Wellness. It's worth a try, and if they work, then your munchkin won't have to be on meds for the rest of her life.

I wanted to add also, that steroids cause many issues in animals (as well as people), so long term use will harm you little gal. They are wonderful things for very short term, but you need to get to the bottom of the allergy or risk her staying on steroids the rest of her life.

I would also urge you to seriously consider a raw diet. It does look scary, and almost every vet you meet will tell you it's horrible/will kill your dog/etc, but we've raw fed for over a year with our cats, and I would stand up for this diet with all I am worth after seeing our elderly cat become a kitten again.

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