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Default How can I tell if my pupy is showable or not?

Hi.. I don't have my puppy yet...still on Mom right now. They come from show lines..the father Would be showable if the breeder's health permitted but he's got alot going on so she just doesn't show anymore. The mo comes from show lines too but came from a home with bad owners..she came preg. ad the breeder took both parents and all papers. Mom will be fixed after this litter is born. I'm on the waiting list and will be able to pick up when they are ld enough. I've always wanted to Yorki's coat jsut never worked out right and other than a few fun hows i've never been able to seriously do so. can I tel if the pups are showable? It's hard to know when they're young. I will be going on temperament and pliability first and if it's not then no big deal but if it is then i'd loe to. What do I look for? Oh and can someone please define "saucy" for me embarassed smile/ Not too sure what that refers to. How terrierlike are these guys? I'm a terrier person and other than large breeds and a poodle or 2 this is my first forray Outside the terrier world as far as toys go. Thanks..will probably have more questions later after I get my baby.
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