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Originally Posted by rcj1095 View Post
Cooper is 5 months old. He is the sweetest mini doxie ever. He doesn't bark. He lets the girls beat the crap out of him. All he wants is his Mommy and his bully stick. Mini doxies are stubborn and impossible to potty train. I've almost got him there but I swear it's a full time job. He's worth it though.

Thank you. I'm so paranoid after my angel Bam. Chloe is compact and a bit chubby actually for only weighing 1.3 lbs. My vet said she is healthy as a horse but just might not be a big chi.
was going to mention that...but under the circumstances it's to be expected from you... just back off a little, don't want a more paranoid chihuahua...LOL She's doing fine.
I don't think you're going to have to worry about low sugar problems....and you don't want her to get accustomed to always eating from your hand, now do you? hint hint You'd have one very spoiled annoying chihuahua, whom'd demand this sort of treatment always....VVBG as if we don't spoil them enough...LOL
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