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Originally Posted by Yoshismom View Post
I agree, if this breeder only dabbled in showing it doesnt mean she has show puppies. In the Great Dane world we have hobby breeders that breed and are trying to show their dogs in the ring and it is just not happening for them. There are tons of breeders out there that claim their dogs are showable due to the color, etc... but unless they show themselves it is not likely. Breeder's will tell you anything to sale you a puppy. As said above there is no guarantee that a puppy will be of show quality even from a show breeder as they can change so much.

I think that "ringcraft" in the UK means handling class here in the States. Call your local All breed club and find out if they offer handling classes

That is SO right! A lot of breeders will advertise their puppies as "Show quality" however no one can be certain they will make show standard. You should also remember than any puppy can be shown just as long as it is has a KC registration - this does not mean that they are up to the standard of major winnning.

Yes ringcraft is handling classes.
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