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Default Boo is sick. :(

I'm worried...not blown up to full-fledged panic, but I'm defnitely worried.

Boo started coughing last night. A cough here or there. Nothing bad. Maybe 4 coughs in total between 6 and 11 pm. Then this morning I woke up to him coughing up this white foam, looked and saw that his side of the bed was wet from constant coughing. I put him in the playpen to minimize his movements and keep the foam in one location so I could examine it, and just in the past 30 min. he's coughed enough to make a pool of slime in one corner of the pen. It looks like he's now throwing up a little from the constant coughing too as I found a couple of food particles in the pool. No large pieces like he actually threw up.

You might be wondering why I haven't taken him to the vet yet? I hate this town. I HATE THIS TOWN!!!!!

My vet doesn't open until 8:30...sometimes the vet comes in at 9. The nearest emergency vet clinic is almost 2 hours away in Macon. So either way, I'm stuck here trying to comfort Boo and not lose another furbaby. Oh God, I'm thinking back to Poppet and I feel the panic starting. I"m trying to tap it down. Even my old vet in my hometown (who DOES do emergency calls) is 2 hours away in the opposite direction.

I've done some searching on it, and I think he might have scratched his throat. Yesterday he chewed on a pig tail. That's the only thing I can think of, but he didn't seem like he was choking on anything. Never coughed once while he chewed, ate some Cesars last night (around 10) without any problems. Hasn't been exposed to anything in the times between. I just don't know what's wrong.

Please let him be alright. And please let my vet do partial payments as I'm cash strapped after paying for Pearl. I hate this. God, I wish I had pet insurance right now. If I thought for a moment that something couldn't/wouldn't be done b/c of finances...

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