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Default Dahlia`s first Morning Home Pics

Well we got home with Dahlia around 9PM last night.
She took the car ride really well.My hubby went thru
the Micky Dee`s drive thru for some late dinner
and you should have seen her stick her little nose up
and sniff the burgers!!

She slept thru the night without crying once!!
I wrapped her up snuggley in a receiving blanket.
I know as I got up 4 times to stand near her in
her playpen in the living room.I was where she couldnt
see me.Im so proud of her!!

She was too small for the wire crate we have.We
were afraid she`d get her head thru the bars.So
Im so glad I picked up this playpen for $15 at a yard sale.

Shes eating moistened Taste of the Wild Prairie Bison
crunchies really well.This is what she was weaned on
and her breeder gave us a 3 month supply!

I took pics of her by a soup can to show her tiny size.
She has a XXS size hoodie on and its huge on her!!
I just weighed her on a postal scale and she weighs
1LB 3.4 oz after a big breakfast.She is 9 weeks old.
See her photos below:

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