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Cool one of the best places in NY :)

doesn't this just take your doggy breath away?

so here we all are at long island city

it's so beautiful!

there's a sign behind me that says dog free zone (cant believe they limit dogs in the pier)



we got here 5 mins before closing lol

it looks like mommy slapped daddy LOL

while daddy was licking mommy

and mommy and daddy were eating each others mouths...i just wanted to go walk!

a run down trolly

a pretty building ^^

we even saw a SC chihuahua and a weiner dog. the weiner dog was running up to me but i walked away and the guy goes "oooh get away from me im too good for you~~" LOL hilarious he was making fun of dexter ^^ since he saw that dexter had no interest. also we saw condos there and wow! do some people have the life...outside restaurants right outside the condo/ their very own water fountains/ swinging benches and such. (rich area!)
i even marked my first bush there on the street and peed while standing up! i wanna go back there...daddy says maybe sunday :] oh and also! this pitbull mix lunged at me...the owner which was a lady had to calm it down...poor pit =p

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