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Originally Posted by pigeonsheep View Post
omg i tho0ught this was gonna be about the cartoon! LOL hi littlehead! they lookoh so cute i love the 3rd to last pic
LOL! I was trying to think of something unique, and that show came to mind.

Originally Posted by Waiushaoting View Post
So cute! I love Butter's expression in the 3rd picture.

Originally Posted by ~*Mandy*~ View Post
ohhhh crystal these are great pictures they all look like they are enjoying the sunshine love the pics xxx
Thanks Mandy! They love their sun time.

Originally Posted by appleblossom View Post
cute pictures..& yes I can touch my tongue to my nose lol
LOL, you officially rock..I tried to do it when I was describing the pic to my mom, but my tongue didn't get very far.

Originally Posted by Blazer View Post
Very cute pics! I'm also feeding Blaze Wellness the weight control formula, it seems to be helping she seems a little slimmer.
Thanks Blaze's Mom (sorry, don't know your name).
I think they're still unsure about the Wellness, but they eat it anyways since we are trying to control ourselves by not feeding them table scraps.

Good luck to you and Blaze on the Wellness!

Special thanks to Jan!
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