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Originally Posted by Tracilea View Post
So cute! They are so precious I can hardly stand it! I love the silly poses. Willy lays like that with the paws up and bent, he just rolls over and presents me with his naked lil belly as if to say....ok, permission given to pat my belly! lol Sweet pics, thanks for sharing
Yes they always do silly things when they want a belly rub or a treat.

Originally Posted by claireeee View Post
oh my goodness they look so adorable!
i love mimi's polka dot jumper. the silly poses pictures are the best things ever and i loveeee their christmas outfits :]!
its awesome seeing everyones pictures x
Thank you, we need to see more pictures of your puppies!

Originally Posted by rebel_yell View Post
Aww, what cutie pie puppies they were and what gorgeous chi's they've grown to be! I love those Christmas outfits too!
They sure do grow up fast. So I am glad I took lots of pictures while they were puppies.

Originally Posted by FireFox View Post
aww lovely chi-baby's!
Their Christmas outfits are so cute, and that silly pose photo is killing me so funny
There are always lots of cute holiday clothing. Christmas is a fun time to match the chis. Yeah those silly poses get me everytime too.
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