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Default Luxation Patellar / Pallete Surgery


Just hoping for some advice

My honey who is 1 year and 10 months went to the animal hospital yesterday about her luxation patellar. She initially had it in one leg but they have found it now in 2. She has grade 3 in her right and grade 2 in her left.
The surgeron said she would benefit as she gets older from having the surgery done now. He explained everything to me about the Op, so im going to go through with the Op.
However Honey also suffers from a rare thing in chihuhua's with her palette. It maybe too long for her little throat. However this has only been diagonoised from physical appearance. She hasnt had any x-rays or put under etc. I explained my concerns to the surgeon as with any breathing difficulty your more at risk when you go under and he has said whilst Honey is under he will take a look at whats going on with her palette and if he feels she would benefit from taking the pallette down then he would also do this op on her. Im very very very worried about this now, i havent stopped crying since my appointment, she is booked in for next weds to have this done.
I know the surgeons know what they are doing, they do it every day etc. But that doesnt stop from worrying, im a worrier in general and i overly protect honey all the time anyway.

Afew years ago i had to put my last chihuahua down who was only 14 months and it broke my heart so having honey now i feel more protective and motherly of her. If anything happens to her next week its going to break my heart.
Recently, honey went to the vets just to have some blood taken and they took her away from me to do it and she freaked out as shes a very nervous dog anyway and her tongue ended up going blue so the vet didnt carry on as she was concerned of the stressful situation honey was in. When honey is excited, the wind catches her breath, or shes distressed she will sometimes make a chocking noise that lasts around 1 minute to which i have to rub her throat, or hold her nostils - this is what the surgeon will be looking at to see whats going on. She grunts when shes walking around, its lke a little pig!
Just wondering if anyone has had any of the Op's honey is due to be having or any other advice would be great!

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