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Originally Posted by bails007 View Post
Hi Barbara,

Ahhh thank u for this info, its really nice to a hear a success story.

Has Jago had any problems at all with his legs following surgery?
Did he have both legs operated on? Was it ok after the surgery getting around etc?

Sounds interesting what does that involve?

Sarah x
Jago just had surgery on one leg thankfully. He had to have, if I remember rightly 6 weeeks cage rest...only out for cuddles and toileting. Then he was x rayd and given the all clear to run around again...phew!

Here is link about Bach flower remedies ~

Bach Rescue Remedy would be a good place to perhaps start

Mimulus is good for shy, timid dogs that are frightened of known things ie vet.

Have a look and see what you think!

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