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Have copied this from my old Ch site for you
I see it was ONLY 4 weeks cage rest...seemed longer



Patellar Luxation

It was at the very end 2002, when Jago was approximately 8 months old, that we noticed a problem with his right back leg. Every now and then he would lift it off the ground when he was running about, and at times he seemed reluctant to place his weight on it. Initially we thought that he might just have sprained it, but we took him along to the vet for a check up.

We explained the symptoms and mentioned also that the knee made a "clicking" sound sometimes when we picked Jago up. The vet, on examining Jago, declared that he had a patellar luxation and advised us to see how things developed, explaining that surgery would probably be needed if the knee deteriorated. Sadly, it did get worse, and very quickly - Jago would whimper occasionally and rarely walked normally, only using three legs most of the time. I knew we couldn’t leave him like this!

Our vets referred us to a well-respected veterinary surgeon who specialises in orthopaedic surgery and we took Jago along on the 10th of January, the first available appointment. The vet watched Jago walk around the room, examined him and told us that it was a bad case of patellar luxation (a Grade 4), surgery was the only thing that would help. Without the operation our Chihuahua would never walk normally and the inevitable arthritic changes that would occur would cause pain.

The vet carefully explained the surgical procedure and we agreed the operation was essential.

We’d been advised to be prepared to leave Jago that day if surgery was indicated and so with a heavy heart, we left him there and went home. He would need to stay overnight so, as you can imagine hubby and I were both very worried. Honey looked jubilant!

Thankfully, everything went well and we were able to collect Jago the next day, after he’d been examined by the vet. We couldn’t wait to collect him and he, not surprisingly, looked pleased to see us and Honey! Honey looked unconcerned.

The wound on his leg was about 4 inches long and neatly stapled with eleven clips, we were given antibiotics and painkillers for him and told that he must remain on "cage rest" until seen again in four weeks time.
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