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Hi thank you so much for your info, she was being feed a relly cheap supermarket brand in the uk bakers so i am not going to feed her that they did not give me any to carry it over either. I am going to do her some boiled chicken and rice i just don't want to spoil her so she thinks this is what she is going to get as i have 3 other chis and they will all get the same but as someone just said to me she is so little just give her some tlc and then deal with what she eats how do you feel when you are depressed her hip bones stick out so much i htough she had a lump or a tick but it was just her bone. When i got her i had to cut her nails and i cut 1cm off thats how long they were. She is such a scared little girl she will stay with us now but if she gets the chance she will run off to the first little nook and hide andnot come out and isometimes if i try and get her out she will nip me and snarl.
Poor little baby.
Thanks guys i have put a thread on the newbie page aswell if you could leave me any info on that .
Thanks guys
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