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Jack has started peeing on the bed again. He was doing really good for about a month, no accidents at all. Then all the sudden, the night before Jared came home he peed on the bed 4 times in less than 24 hours. He had his usual punishment of having to sleep in their doggie tent/bed instead of in our bed. Then the next day nothing, until I fell asleep, he peed right next to me! Now it's been at least twice a day, my blankets are falling apart from going through the washer so many times. He's built up enough muscle to jump up on the bed on his own now, so I have no way to deter him from coming up there. I can't kennel him because he cries so loud you can hear him outside. Which causes even more problems with my in-laws. We're pretty much confined to our room and an area in the basement right outside our room that I've cleaned up and puppy-proofed and barricaded off. So I have no other options on keeping him somewhere away from the bed at all right now. I just don't know what else to try with him. It seems like he's getting worse with it now and just going completely backwards.
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