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Originally Posted by OurCheekyChihuahuas View Post
True but if someone doesnt require that they spay their puppies or have contracts it doesnt make them bad? I believe yes they should be but surely it is the owners choise whether they wish to spay or not?
Ultimately even if you sign a contract saying that you WILL spay, I doubt if it's enforceable

However, I think a good breeder (few and far between sadly) would not want to see their pet quality Chihuahuas bred form.

That said most people breeding are not breeding to standard as can be judged by the dogs and bitches they are using. So, we can only presume they aren't going to be that bothered if the people they sell to are going to breed

For after all if they are simply breeding from pet quality Chihuahuas to sell on the free ad sites...How can they ask other people not to

Neutering is a personal choice, but for the Chihauhua owner that simply wants to do the best for their dogs and love them as purely companions...It's the kindest option...In most peoples opinions

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