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Old 01-28-2010, 08:32 AM
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hmmm hats are not my thing

Seriously take it off...

Check out my puffy jacket... winters coming up in a few months

ok enough photos now, shadow's turn

Mummy Iím a princess just like my shirt says.. i should wear a crown not this hat!!!

sitting pretty

looking cool

woooooo this is warm!!!

It's making me sleeeepy

Oh and Mandy, thanks for my PJs!!! I love them
on the top it says Moo-ti-licious LMAO so cute!! I also loved the bath gel and cream, you're so kind to think of me.

Thanks for everything Mandy, you are so so so sweet!!! we love you loads xoxoxoxoxox

ps.. just have to tell you, Shadow has not left her toys alone, she gathers them up and takes them in her little house.. she won't let anyone near them she's nuts!!
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