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Originally Posted by Jerry'sMom View Post
Be prepared for them NOT to get along. It may take weeks to work it out. And, then they may love each other for a couple of months and then be at odds. It's just part of the picture of having two dogs. As they are growing up, there may be conflict. As long as you maintain your position as the pack leader, all will be fine.

I actually had started replying to this earlier with saying just about the same thing. I was SO ready to take Milo back to the breeders when we first brought him home. He constantly ATTACKED Matilda & I was so devistated. I never expected it, especially since they were both only 4 months old. The breeder asked we give them a week & if we still wanted to take him back she'd be happy to. Thank goodness we did - after a couple days they began to get along very well & soon became best of friends! I've since done LOADS of research about dog behavior & Milo has gotten much better with meeting new members of the pack..since he's had lots of practice.

But yes, expect there to be issues...especially for the first couple weeks. But if YOU maintain alpha position & don't show one pup more attention than the other (both will be going through a lot in their doggy lives at the time) things will be fine. And despite when you hear a lot of people say - do not treat the first dog you got first or greet him first. I say mix it up & treat them equally otherwise they let that "authority" go to their heads so to speak. At least that is my experience.

As for what to say if you find the pups aren't what you're looking for - since I'm one to avoid any confrontation of ANY kind...I'd tell her you'll think on it or "talk to your husband" or what not & shoot them an email later on. But I wouldn't recommend doing that. If you are comfortable being up front & honest than by all means do so. But I'm not.

Good luck btw!! I can't wait to hear how it goes....
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