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Default Surprised, Jack & Jill & Phoebe, SB came, happy chis!!

Well my day started out normal, Jill woke me up about 6:30 a.m. to go out, so i gathered up the other 3 and away we went, as i opened the door i almost tripped. Their was a box that must of been delivered yesterday late. Ok that did it, we were up now the chis were as excited as I was, they gathered around couriously wondering what was in the secret bunny mystery box!! As I opened it to see all the goodies, Jill saw/sniffed the bully sticks and took off with the bag! So i am chasing her through the house trying to get it back, it was quite funny to say the least i hadn't had my coffee yet. When i recovered the bully sticks Jack and Phoebe had gotten into the box and got out a stuffed toy monkey and were sniffing the treats with Phoebe downing a few before i caught her, I got to tell you appleblossom really out did her self, i dont think we will have to buy treats for for a year! The tees are cute, Chuey took the teal one and he loves the box! ( last pic is of chuey sleeping in his new blue tee that he stold from Phoebe, they well probably share) Just like a kid at christmas, you know the wrapping paper and box is better that the acual prez . Heres a few morning pics, enjoy!!! Oh note pad already on fridge and (Aungelique) daughter already snatched my lotion had to get it back, nothing but smiles and worn out chis here for playing with their new prezzies!

Jack & Jill & Phoebe & Chuey

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