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Default Mostly Goo with some Betty from yesterday.

Mom forgets to put the camera on "Sport" for Goo and all you get is GOOBLUR!



Dunno what he was doing here, he grabbed it in his mouth and pushed it

Don't worry sister, I killed the monkey for you.

Betty contemplates coming out

Betty feeling a little better, time to chew a bully


Kinda fuzzy of Betty, but I like that you can see our blind kitten (Charlie) in the back

Betty rests

Goo thinks its playtime ALL THE TIME

A little cuddle

So far today, we have let Betty hve the run of the house (but we are not giving her pain meds - so she doesn't try anything that hurts). She's still sleeping a lot, which we are happy for. She will be tucked away at night still, but while we're home - she's free to sleep where ever she chooses. I can tell she is sore, but I think it's good.. she needs to know that she can be jumping on the furniture (we don't take pain meds here until absolutly necessary.. and I don't like over doing it in pets either, I think metacam for 4 days is enough and the vet agrees).

I think I'll be taking her back Wednesday night for a checkup, too. Just to be sure everything is still going well.
Kelly - Betty, Goose & Oona (foster)

Thanks Sugarbaby!
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