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Originally Posted by FireFox View Post
Oh lovely to see some pictures of your pups finally They are adorable!! Biggles has changed so much i love Bruno's coat, and Poppy - she is sooo small!!!
Thanks, I really enjoyed your photos
Thanks Aiga yes Biggles is growing less and less like a chihuahua, he definitely seems to have a lot of papilliion in him - he is such a character, reminds us of Odie out of the Garfield cartoons!

Originally Posted by chideb View Post
Wow, beautiful babies.. Such healthy and gorgeous coats they have..Nothing is better for
Thanks deb, I am sure they saved us a fortune on heating in the cold spell, they really are little lap warmers!

Originally Posted by rubia View Post
They are all so pretty--what beautiful coats ! That baby Poppy looks like a wee fox .
LOL - she does doesn't she!!

Originally Posted by Terri View Post
Oh so nice to see pics Jane!!
They are all gorgeous, and i agree their coats are just beautiful!!
Thanks Terri, I can't wait to see their adult coats - bruno is almost one and Poppy is five months so they have a way to go, I believe it's over two years before their coats are fully in
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