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Originally Posted by Bella Luna View Post
Haha, Bella is a long litte girl Haha..I think she needs to fill out a bit more and then she will even herself out! Haha..and that running picture cracks me up!! Her tail was going down I think? LOL..she is a nut!

And as for Libby, she is VERY mischevious!! Always into something. It's so funny..Bella will be sleeping or laying down, and Libby will "creep" over to her and bite her tail. Bella gets ticked! I will have my hands full with her.
Ha ha ha ha ha the runnin gis so funny.. will try to get one of daisy they look exactly the same with the tail down its funny!! Daisy weighs more than bella ha ha ha ha

She looks mischevious.. thats funny.. not suprised she gets annoyed but i'd just laugh at her!!
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