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Originally Posted by flippedstars View Post
I just e-mailed you pics of the ones that came in today. For anyone else curious, here's the info...

They are on photobucket because I was too lazy to make them smaller as my Picasa has been acting up...I put it on a little toy that they have and is 7" around the chest but it was a little loose, so IDK. Because of the curved shape, I'd say you more likely should assume it's closer to 10.5" than 11.5" as it hugs their little chest tuck sort of =) I took pictures of it on Oakley who has a 11" - 11.5" chest. It doesn't close. It doesn't close on Trigger, either. I guess I will send Trigger's to Taylor and keep the pink one for whenever I get another chi

Without further adieu... pictures:
Yes, thank you for the pics. I was a bit confused though. Trigger has an 11" chest, or Oakley? Either way, it doesn't fit either of them?


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