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Default Yet another new puppy on the forum! XD

Woooooh! We went to pick up Cherry today...

She's not too happy with her "crate"... ^^; I really want to get her the Iris Plastic Crate a lot of members have (it looks so sturdy and nice!) but I'd have to order it online and I can't find a European seller for it? Shipping is soooo expensive from the US. I'll need to save up a little for that first.

She took a nap while I watched Criminal Minds, haha.

Not sure if she likes this toy much! Maybe she just needs to get used to it? For the moment, she seems to prefer chewing on *me* instead. *laughs!*

Such a pretty little lady!

She already has me wrapped around her little finger (paw?). *sigh!* When we got ready to go to bed, she went a little berserk and nearly broke her rabbit pen down - it's really not sturdy enough! - I was worried she'd hurt her teeth or worse, so I moved her next to the couch and now I'm camping out in the living room. B-but, at least she's asleep now. We'll try again tomorrow... we only just got her home after dinner so I can imagine she's confused and missing her siblings?

I nearly forgot to mention: her introduction to our two Ragdoll cats went pretty well! They're quite wary of her, but there was no hissing or anything... Milo seems a little confused and worried but he still got up on the couch for the usual cuddling despite Cherry being on the couch at the same time, haha. Syl is just ignoring the whole thing la "I AM SO ABOVE THIS! FINE, I'LL GO SLEEP ON UR BED, BBL!" so... *shrugs!*

This is my first time owning a dog, b-but I hope I'll do well as a dog owner! So far so good? ^^;;;

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