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Old 07-29-2010, 02:12 AM
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Wink Dexter tries EZ Dog TriplePet toothbrush/paste

so i went to petsmart tonight and stumbled upon his new product. i got the last 2 toothpastes as it's vanilla flavor and no sugar additives and such. here's what dexter has to say about these products

WHAT? it cant be

gimme this brush so i can hide it

oh god...please why must you do this

*opens toothpaste* nooooo i hide!

me: "now that wasnt that bad was it dexter?"
dexter: *smiles*

but mommm i already have pearly teef

thank god thats over with

i can keeps as toy?

lol let me tell you guys...this was NOT easy to do since i never brushed dexter's teeth with a finger was always the petzlife oralspray or the other brush which he chews on himself, thought i might try something new...maybe he'll get the hang of it in a couple weeks. atleast he didnt bite me!

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