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Originally Posted by michele View Post
Can you leave it on all day for us to view then we can all see what YOU and Dexter are getting up to.
LOL michele! hes hardly in the room anyway lol. i'll have to ask the bf if there is something cheap out there and if its worth it

Originally Posted by Reese and Miley View Post
Aw little Dexter! Looks like he cant get settled Ive always wanted to see what Reese is up to when we are gone, looks like those cameras are paying off! My fiance and I have kind of a running joke though that we arent supposed to see what a dog does when youre gone, and if we could surprise him he would be sitting in the armchair with his legs crossed wearing glasses and reading the paper...looks like Dexter is smart enough to do that off camera!
thats fluffing hilarious! LOL today he shared his secret, if u watched it haha! makes me wonder what he does in the rest of the house lol

Originally Posted by LovesMyPups View Post
I've wondered what these chis are up to while we're gone... I guess Dexter keeps his activities secret..! I wished he would climb into his bed and sleep a bit though. At the end he looks like he's just sitting there ready for you to come home! lol.
LOL! he kinda went on the bed today if u see the new one where he is howling lol yea he loves that chair, im gonna guess its because my scent is on it lol

thanks everyone for looking at the vid and replying!!! im loving today's vid more hehehe!

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