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Default My cousin's Chi - Lila...

My cousin rescued this little Chi mix - not sure what she's mixed with?? Her vet said maybe Chinese Crested but I'm not sure if he thought that just because she was almost bald. I'm not sure if she is a mix, she really doesn't look mixed to me, what do you all think? I don't remember what my cousin told me that caused her baby to loose almost all it's hair but that's the way she was when she rescued her. Anyway her coat is starting to grow in and she is a total cutie, here are some pics of little Lila:

This is right after she got her and she was almost bald:

Here her coat is starting to grow in:

Then here she is a few months later where you can really see how much her coat has grown back in:

We are going up to visit (they live about an hour and a half from us) next Saturday and I am taking my camera so I can get some pics of her. I wanted to take Chloe with me, but my Mom is not a dog person and doesn't want Chloe in her car (my Dad drives us when we go and visit my aunt - my cousin lives just a few doors down from her).
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