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Originally Posted by Pookypeds View Post
Awww, he is such a little cutie! Love his cute little face....looks like such a sweetheart! Love those tongue pics too!
Thank you! The tongue pics are always my favorite. Can't hlp it. He makes my heart melt. LOL.

Happy belated Birthday Quigley!
Thank you!

Originally Posted by foggy View Post
Aww is he just the sweetest little one! What adorable pics! Happy Belated Birthday, Quigley!

Originally Posted by TLI View Post
Happy Birthday Sweet Little Quigley! You are as adorable as ever! The Wee's and I think you are a very special little boy! Here's to many more years to come sweet Angel.
AWE! Thank you so much! Wish we could come visit the Wee's, I am sure they would have a blast.

Originally Posted by Reese and Miley View Post
Happy Birthday Quigley! Those look like some very nummy treats! He is such a little cutie, looks like he was very appreciative of his gifts
He really was. LOL. Thankyou!
Originally Posted by Reese and Miley View Post
ps I was so shocked it was his birthday! I would have guessed he was about 6 months or so. He is such a wee little guy!
Yes, he is a tiny fella. he is tough though. LOL. Thank you! As someone said "small but mighty".

Originally Posted by flippedstars View Post
Omg such fun pics, I love this little boy Is he doing better and did he recover fully?
He is doing great. He is still dribbling though. We just started him on a new med. Cross you fingers. Hopefully it will help! Thank you!

happy birthday Quigley man!

Thank you!

Striving to be the kind of person Quigley thought I was.
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