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Originally Posted by jan896 View Post
OMG...that group shot is BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't get Chico, one CHI, to sit still........ let alone 6!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks. They were super well behaved for pics today--must be because the hoodies mellowed them out a bit? LOL

Originally Posted by AC/DC Fan View Post
Wonderful fashion show! Couldn't be cuter!

Originally Posted by foggy View Post
Omg that last shot!! If a rep from Zac and Zoey see it, they will be paying you to use it for an ad campaign! What an amazing shot, Heather! How do you do that with the posing?? It's amazing to me. As for the hoodies, they all look sooo adorable in them. I love that royal blue color on Maxie. Love that first shot of Matilda, she looks all innocent and sheepish and that lime green is perfect on smexy Marley. I love how you got a different color for each of them!

I love your crew so much, thank you for sharing the pics! They're are all ready for Winter now, yay!
Yah! They can pay me all they want! hahaha But thank you. They pretty much stay where I put them. I did have to keep putting Maxies leg over Milo a few times before he realized I wanted him to stay & Mari got a bit lazy & laid down but that's just being nit picky. But they're pretty cooperative usually. The hardest part is getting them to all look at me at the same time. Usually Marley either has his eyes button shut or is rubber necking everywhere. LOL Oh & yeah...I could never justify buying multiple tops of the same color/style so they all have to be different. haha

Originally Posted by LDMomma View Post
Sorry, I'm coming to Maine to get Mari

They are SO cute! I can't believe they sit nice for pics

Nooooooooo you can't take my Mary-bell! Maybe you can just borrow her. hehe Thanks btw!
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