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Originally Posted by cprcheetah View Post
OMG what a pill she is. Hopefully she will mellow out, but from the sounds of it, doubtful. Sorry she's being such a handful about her incison.
She's really being a pill, for sure, lol. It would be hilarious except for I'm terrified she's going to get the stitches out!

Originally Posted by rcj1095 View Post
OMG, I'm laughing so hard. I'm so sorry. I had a cat that had to have this on for two weeks and it about killed us both. It was just god awful. My husband and I called it "the hat" and if we even said it, the cat would run for its life. God bless you and good luck.
I don't blame you for laughing, they can be such brats about these things. "THE HAT". We just call it...the cone of shame.

Originally Posted by TLI View Post
Oh goodness! How did she get that off from her neck? She would have really had to been fighting that thing to get it off like that. She is fed up, and wants you guys to know it! Sorry she's being such a Pistol. I bet you and her both will be glad when this is all over with. Maybe it's really starting to itch and she is licking at it hoping to scratch it?
I think it MUSt be starting to itch, because until today she really didn't show any interest! Now she is just being as difficult as she can. That's the smallest sized cone any of the vets here had, we had one that was slightly bigger that I had modified w/ duct tape to try to keep it on, and that didn't work either. So she's just gonna hafta come to work with me so I can keep an eye on her naughty highness. Its about to make me scream.

OH and we've had to start tying her crate shut, as yesterday evening when we got home, Bryco had opened the door and was sitting in there with her. Its ridiculous at our house right now.
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