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Originally Posted by kimr View Post
Those are great pics, as always! I really love those two, but then I have a thing for black animals..They look like they get along so well. Are they very close in age? (Sometimes I think Pedro sees Gracie as an annoying preschooler that he really shouldn't have to deal with!)
Aw thanks! Actually they aren't close in age at all lol. Shayley turned 8 years old 11/1 and Kizzie is 1 and a half years old. They are best friends though!!

Originally Posted by FurKidMommy View Post
Great pictures! I love how they just curl up together. Mine do the same thing and I have a pile of Chihuahuas. LOL

Thank you!! =) It's cute when they curl up I love when doggies do that!

Kanyon, Kizzie, Shayley & Kaige
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