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Default Meet Moose our Newest Kid

We met Moose about 2 weeks ago when we went to see Jasper and Chases' family and although at the time I had no intention of getting another husband couldn't stop talking about Moose. I was the lone hold out for fear that we would upset the happy balance in our household with Jasper, Hannah and Snowball. Finally, after 2 weeks of my husband talking about him and getting my friends to tease me about him I came home from work last night and caved!!! So we took the hr long drive to Bella's Little Angels and got Moose. I named him that because he was the largest of his litter mates. I guess the name stuck. He weighs in @ 3lbs 2 ozs @ 13 weeks old and he is tan and white. His mom is Jasper and Chases' cousin Rosie (who Jasper grew up with) and he is really shy and adorable. His calm personality may be why Hannah, Jasper and Snowball have taken to him in less than 24hrs. There has been no tension and they all slept well last night and ate together today. I guess it is now safe to say that Moose is officially our newest family member so without further delay here our his pics:

Rose and her pups Oct 8th 2010

Trevette the proud daddy:


Moose and his 1st night home:


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