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Originally Posted by N*T*M*4U View Post
Heather...I just woke up to from a nap....OMG....They are Fabulous!!....I'm so happy Mari got all well with 3 beautiful puppies!!...
Thanks Moni!

Originally Posted by codyann View Post
aww so cute! thanks for sharing the pics i have never seen chi puppies a day old awww!!!! i love the tri coloured one are you going to keep on? or all hehe
congrats by the way she did good!
The individual pics were taken shortly after they were born. hehe I don't believe we'll be keeping any of the pups but we'll make sure they get wonderful homes. One will be going back to Jessies breeder. We'll find the perfect homes for the other two. And if we don't find perfect homes then they stay!

Originally Posted by cloversmom View Post
Congrats, they are all gorgeous! (as are mom and dad). Are you a first time "grandma"?
Thanks & yes, first time grandma. Can't you tell? haha

Originally Posted by jan896 View Post
omg such cute puppies!!!
congrats grandma!
glad everyone is doing well
Thanks so much!

Originally Posted by Adrienne View Post
Mobie <3 <3 I heart him Heather!!!!
He is a cutie! I'm so curious to see how his coat grows out. Should be interesting!!

Originally Posted by pam6400 View Post
Oh this made my heart sing! Mari and the pups look wonderful. Best wishes to the entire family!!!! Can't wait to watch them grow.
Thanks so much!! I'm sure I'll be posting pics as they grow. I'm very excited to see how they develop as well.
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