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Originally Posted by Yoshismom View Post
How interesting color and coat of your Glyndwr. The blue color looks as though it is velvet. Is she a LC with Alopecia? Very pretty.
Thanks, & yes he is LC with Alopecia, its getting even more noticable as the tan is getting longer , bless him, there seems to be quite a few different shades of blue, not that i know anything about it really, just looking at others on here , He,s 7 months now, was 5 when i bought him and was losing his hair then, as i knew nothing about blues, the lady told me it was because he was alergic to the food he was on and that it was growing back, only knew when the vet told me, i was totaly ignorant about it untill then, the seller said his mother was black & tan but that she`d not seen the father, not a lot to go on actually as iv since been told by the RSPCA that she was a middle man for a puppy farm, so she prob had no idea at all,
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