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Oh Katy, they are all SO precious! You have so many awesome pics there, wow. Little Leo is growing up into such a handsome little guy. Love the pics of Reese and Miley too (her expressions really are priceless) and how cute is Ben, what a face, love him. (I'm not seeing Cera?)

Originally Posted by flippedstars View Post
Its funny b'c if I could add a few more pets...I would add a solid black SC tiny, a tiny SC blue merle spotted on white ( mostly white, just merle ears/mask and a few body spots), a classic SC fawn...a blue merle LC, a solid white LC with black pigment (if I could find one), and a black spotted on white SC. But ha...hubby won't let me have any more pets. I wonder why?
Just a few more eh? Your list was cracking me up, it's lonnng! LOL!

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