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Default Rough Housin' Crazies!

The puppies are getting bigger, stronger, roudier...they're totally their own little doggies running around. Nine doggers in one house gets pretty nutty at times. But always lots of fun none the less!

They'll be 9 weeks old tomorrow. Monte is leaving on the 31st & Pockets on the 26th of this month so we still have a couple more weeks to enjoy them.

Monte is so handsome...he totally has his daddies facial shape/features. I can't wait to see him all grown up. I really think he's going to turn out red like mum as he keeps getting more & more red in his coat. Time will tell!

Pockets on the other hand has mums face shape mostly (and Auntie Mayas thin body frame)...but daddies color/markings & personality. He's such an over the top happy boy. LOOOOVES men & gets all tail waggy & kissy with them. He's also very brave which is great...LOVED it outside now that we can finally get out w/o getting lost in snow. LOL

"It wazzent me!"

And little Mobie boy...I think he's got a mix of mum & dad going on shape wise. He's a very "chill" guy. Not needy or whiney...just goes with the flow & loves to be loved on.

Play time piccies....

Maxie loves to hate the babies. He follows them around until they pay attention to him & then he pulls a tough guy attitude, growls & then runs away. hahahaha

Tillie waiting for a pup to come & try to steal her toy..

"come play babies!!"

"Tag uz it!"

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