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Originally Posted by Brodysmom View Post
Oh Paula - she couldn't be any more of a doll! She looks so cute in her outfits. I love Roo.
Aw thank you, Tracy!

Originally Posted by TLI View Post
Eeeeeeps!!! Can I please, please, please have her? She is SO darn cute!!!!! Her new clothes look gorgeous on her!!!
Thanks so much, T. As for Roo, how about you give me yours first.

Originally Posted by jesuschick View Post
T-I have asked for her, too. She won't let us have her. I am in love with that dainty pretty little one!

Will Pip wear clothes or does he object?
Thank you, Karen. Mr. Pip hates clothes with a passion. lol. He acts like he can't walk and looks all sad. Aw. Roo doesn't mind clothes, but I mainly get them for her because she really needs them in colder weather. She has so little fur (she has alopecia) and what she does have is very thin. She is always cold. Pip had a really thick coat so he's fine.

Originally Posted by Adrienne View Post
Ohhhh Roo you are just delightful <3 <3
Thank you, Adrienne!

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