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Originally Posted by CHITheresa View Post
He looks just like my Amberleah lou lou. Even the cute pink nose. She is 5 months and 3 weeks old. They would make cute baby's.
I wish Beau had a baby that was his identical twin he's the cutest thing ever if I still had him everyday I'd smother him to death I think lol

Originally Posted by Adrienne View Post
they are so cute I wish you still had all of them!
Me too hopefully I can work out a joint custody agreement (ha sounds ridiculous)

Originally Posted by MChis View Post
He is adorable Sherri. Prada looks great too! Love all his clothes too...they look perfect on him...especially that wooly hoodie. hehe
Thanks!! He's grown quite tall I couldn;t find my measuring tape before I dropped him back off to get his measurements he's so teensie

Originally Posted by elaina View Post
LOVE all the pics !!! thank you for posting them, Beau is such a little cutie and i'm happy all the shirts fit. ( my favorite one on him is the black love to run one, but they are all cute)
Thanks!! It's been quite awhile but he's had time to grow into them now anyways! I like the blue polka dot one the best but the little baseball looking shirt and the I love to run ones look most boyish and so cute! I'm glad I bought those no idea what he'd be wearing xs is baggy on him and they don't sell smaller here unless you go to a mall stand and they're way too expensive!!! Might have to grab some more in the future
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