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Default ETSY - There's Got To Be SOME Good Stuff on There? ....

Hi ladies,

I've spent a lot of time searching around Etsy for unique and gorgeous things, and, unfortunately all I've come up with is dog stuff that looks like it's been cobbled together by a pre-schooler (and in some cases that's being kind), OR, it's nice enough, the quality and finish is ok to good, but they're charging the most outrageous, ridiculous prices for the item, not to mention 4-5 times extra for shipping (pure greed on their part - what packing does a harness need, hmmm).

Can you put your links in this thread of any great sellers you've found who make practical, or long wearing, or gorgeous things, charge a fair price and don't muck you around .... basically any seller who's impressed you with their range and service. Doesn't have to be Chi products as such, just anyone who's impressed you that you think all members here would benefit from checking out. I'm sooooo over wasting time and about to give up on Etsy because it's just sooooo much crap to wade through to find the odd treasure imo.
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