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Default Bark Box

So I am a sucker for start up companies and new interesting USA made dog treats and stuff. So... I heard about this company that is kinda like the fruit of the month club sort of thing but for dog products called Bark Box. So I signed up for 3 months to see what it is like. It is $21 a month (it can be cheaper if you buy longer times) and you get a surprise box of 6-8 dog products every month. I looked at their facebook page and the boxes are absolutely worth $21. They also only get treats from smaller companies and guarantee that they are made in the USA. Looks like not all of the toys are USA made- but they are high quality and they seem to be responsible people. I don't think I am going to get a lead laced 99c toy from PETCO.

If you use my link to sign up you get $5 off and I get credit towards a free box- so win win. Shipping is free to the US and $5 to Canada. I will post again next month when I get my box and let you all know how it is. I am happy to be the guinea pig in this situation. I did opt for the "medium" box for my bigger dog, but if I really like 3 months then I will do the next 3 in a small. They are the same price and treats and amounts are all the same- it just effects what size you get if there is a item like that. For instance based on what I saw on Facebook it had a quick drying towel last month and you got either small, medium or large. Or the toys are small, medium or large.

I have a feeling I will cancel after 3 months, but it would be a really great gift for someone who just got a dog to get to try out a lot of different products. Supposedly it also has good coupons if you want to order more of the stuff they send you- we will see how good the coupons are.

Here is my link so you can save $5- if you don't use it I will not be offended-
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