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Originally Posted by Brodysmom View Post
Yep, just do wings for a day or so until the stools firm up. Take some scizzors and try to cut off the skin if you can as fat can contribute to loose stools in a beginner dog.

Keep us posted! I know that's no fun when they are loose and have to go all the time. I'm sure if you cut back on the food and do bone heavy meals for a day or so, that will clear up.
Originally Posted by Brodysmom View Post
When Honey is completely transitioned onto chicken and doing well. Then you can start adding in another protein (pork or beef) just one bite at a time. Go slow. There's no rush.

Sorry, we replied at the same time!

I will cut all the skin off and just do wings/necks etc for now. I introduced meatier bits of chicken as i didnt want her getting bored lol! Thanks x

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