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Default Stopping Ziwipeak?

Odie has been on Ziwipeak for probably a couple of weeks now. At first I was concerned that she was eating too much of it, but she seemed to settle down now and she's now eating the recommended amount (I think she was just excited that she had a new food).

For the past three or four days now, she has had runny stools, sometimes verging on full blown diarrhea. I've tried giving her pure yam, which helped a little, but without it, it seems to not be improving.

She's eating the venison kind. This morning, I have given her Acana kibble instead of Ziwipeak, to see if we can stop the diarrhea. I would love her to continue on the Ziwipeak, and she seems to really like it, but I don't want to continue if it's not agreeing with her body. Has anyone else had to stop feeding it?
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