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The harnesses arrived and I could not be happier, they're fantastic quality!!!! To be honest, I was absolutely speechless as the perfection with which they are made.

She'll make them to your size, or her existing sizes. The attachments are via adjustable webbing & those click in plastic clips like you get on collars but of a decent size so there's not fiddly & impossible to open like some of the minscule ones I've had to contend with on the tiniest harnesses, cat harnesses etc.

The leopard, giraffe etc has the softest short nap and they are, of course, perfectly washable an are double layer. The D-ring is attached superbly via strong & tightfitting webbing.

I have no hesitation in recommending these, especially for the price, it's incredibly good value. I would've been happy at 2-3 times the price to be honest.
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